Administrators and Chat moderators are volunteers who help maintain Starbucks Wiki. You'll often find them editing, and in blog, forum, and wall discussions, as well as in Chat. Administrators and chat moderators are appointed by Bureaucrats as needed.

Administrators Edit

150px-24852106.png.jpg Flawless Diva
Flawless Diva
Flawless Diva is the main admin of Gossip Girl Wiki. She's a huge fan of any Starbucks drink and she's completely in love with Game of Thrones. Did I mention she speaks 9 different languages? She can be found on Special:Chat a lot.
150px-24992436.png.jpg TheSuttonMercer

No longer an administrator. Admin applications open.

TheSuttonMercer is one of the administrators here. She's a huge fan of The Lying Game and her idol is Sutton Mercer any day. You'll often find her on Special:Chat.

Chat Moderators and RollbacksEdit

There are currently no chat moderators or rollbacks on this wiki. If you'd like to become one, please contact Flawless Diva.

Contact themEdit

Need to get into contact with an administrator or chat moderator? They'd be happy to help with whatever you need here on Starbucks Wiki! To contact them, you can click one of their usernames that you can find earlier in the page, and then click "Message Wall" once on their user profile page to leave them a message.

If you have a concern about an administrator or chat moderator, please contact Flawless Diva.

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